Jinxed it

About an hour or so ago I let someone in downstairs, then came back up the stairs, slowly, but I could tell I was not right. I was just able to make it to the front room before I felt myself go, luckily I had already started to sit down so when I came to I hadn’t hurt myself. So, my second faint.

Phoned consultant, he said, Er, you’re fainting because of the vena cava / circulation thing, and it shouldn’t be a big issue once you’re recovered, but we can’t leave you there: get yourself back to the Lister, I’ll tell them you’re coming.

So I’m galvanising myself to go back in tonight: gathering clothes & tooth stuff, feeding cats, etc etc.

Thoroughly pissed off.

13 thoughts on “Jinxed it”

  1. Oh dear — I am so sorry, but also glad to know you are going in. Please update when you can/feel up to it, and hope this setback will be brief (but also, perhaps, that you can get the thumb, etc., checked on while you are there!). Much love, as ever.

  2. A second chance for the cats to show some proper appreciation on your return?

    It’s a bummer, but probably the right thing to do. Hope you’re feeling better soon, and that the thumb isn’t too badly fractured.

  3. Annoying for you but far better to be safe than sorry. Try to think of Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, it’s just another trip to ‘The Cooler’ and you’ll be out soon. Try not to bounce your balls off The Cooler wall and don’t f**k up the bit with the motorbike 😁

  4. Sorry to read this after such promising progress matey, but the passing out thing clearly needs more 24-7 medical supervision for a few days. At least you’ve had a taste of freedom plus useful exercise. ATB

  5. Not great mate but better than you fainting and hurting yourself again. Cat licks will only help up to a point 😜
    Hopefully back home very soon

  6. Get yourself a cab and then get yourself taken care of. Was already concerned when reading your earlier blog about fainting so allow yourself some time for your blood to find its way around the missing bits
    Hang in and then a quick recovery and home all systems go. Take care. Love

  7. Bollox. Sorry to hear that. You’ve not been out a week,not that you need telling. There is far more to medicine and health than most people can imagine. Glad you contacted the consultant. Hang in there- you’re definitely on the mend judging by the eloquence of your ‘home’ post.

  8. So so sorry to hear. And you were making what appeared to be such good progress. I wonder what the surgeon means by “once you have recovered”? I hope he is not talking weeks, but hopefully 24 or even 48 hours. Please keep in touch. This is very disappointing news and I wish I could help.

  9. Buggrit – that’s not good. Better you’re in hospital than at home with no-one but the cats, but still. You’re not making your own way in on public transport are you?

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